High Standards &


high quality

Our process is well defined and documented.

Our continued success depends on an increasingly higher measure of quality. Our intention is to continue to set a higher standard through attention to detail, continuous improvement and communication between us and our customers and suppliers.

At Advantage Adhesives, our approach to continuous improvement is to identify potential problems before they happen, develop solutions and find opportunities to create a superior product. We do this through product and process innovation and through upgrades and ongoing maintenance to our systems and equipment.

All of our processes are well defined and documented. We have implemented multiple stages of quality assurance to measure, evaluate and ensure the highest quality products possible. We start with incoming conformity checks on our supplied materials, and continue with in process measurements and checks until the finished product is out the door.

Our checks and measurements won’t stop there. Through constant communication and innovation with both our suppliers and our customers, we can ensure that product will perform as it was designed.

ISO Certificate

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